Detoxification Consultation

What will cleansing / detoxing achieve?

Cleansing or Detoxing our bodies has become a vital maintenance process as our bodies consume more toxins than ever before – over 15,000 synthetic chemical pollutants occur in water, air and food. For those of you new to the idea simply reflect on the car scenario – giving our cars an MOT (which may entail an oil change and several other maintenance tasks) is something we understand whether we own a car or not. Likewise cleansing to create a better running body is understandable.

Many of us, even the very health conscious, need a spring clean from time to time. Others need a more concentrated clear out, following years of unhealthy eating and drinking habits, or sluggish metabolism and poor powers of elimination, perhaps all three! In order to build new healthy cells, old ones must be broken down and shed as quickly as possible. Whatever category you come from, the same rule applies for all detoxifying to take place.

Liz gives advice on diet, detox techniques including body brushing, castor oil packing, magnesium baths, home enemas if appropriate, advice on supplementation, juicing and far infrared saunas as a means to support detoxification.

‘So cleanse a little, build a little, cleanse a little, build a little’.

Pricing: as every person is individual & has different goals, prices are different for each client, please ask Liz for more information.