Client Testimonials

Some of the kind words Liz has received from clients

I’ve been a regular client of Liz’s for so long I’ve lost track of the number of years.  I remain a loyal client because Liz has such a deep belief in what she is doing and does it with such enormous enthusiasm, that she has installed in me great faith in her abilities and I can only praise the end results of her treatments.  All treatments are undertaken with total profesionalism, respect and dignity.

I would highly recommend Liz to anyone requiring colonics or NAET treatments. Her knowledge of all natural alternative treatments is immense and continues to grow, her passion of this subject is evident for all to see.

Rita Beckton

Erin suffered really bad eczema since weaning and by her 2nd birthday was egg and dairy free. I happened across NAET therapy and thought why not give it a try? I went with little expectation as so many things promise to be a “cure”. Erin was 5 by this stage and her dietary restrictions were very limiting at school and parties etc. Well after 3 treatments she enjoyed her first chocolate easter egg. I was amazed at the difference in her skin and so happy that she could partake in normal everyday foods. Now 7 she has gone vegetarian and her staple foods are…. eggs and dairy!!! I cannot speak highly enough of Liz and Naet therapy. It has made a huge difference in our lives.
Jamie has Autism. We went to Liz for NAET therapy primarily for Erin however Liz treats the whole family included in her fee (within the 1 hour time frame). So I thought why not? Jamie has done a lot of different therapies his whole life but I can honestly say he is happy to go in and receive treatment from Liz. He has told her how it makes him feel calmer. ASD kids are often Gluten and Casein (dairy) free and Jamie definitely showed progress after clearing these items with NAET. Due to Jamie’s age we have to do the 25 hour avoidance rule, I thought this would be very tricky given his very limited eating habits but he has understood why and that it is only for a day (we always get our treatments in the morning) and he has always surprised me with his cooperation. We have continued NAET treatments as I saw the whole family benefiting. Jamie has progressed in school from a special class of 6 to full mainstreaming in the 2 years he has been doing NAET.

In order to understand how highly I think of Naet therapy and Liz as a professional therapist please note that we travel 5 HOURS (each way) to get to Liz and stay for the weekend in hotel accommodation so we can get 2/3 treatments in per visit between March – Oct. It is worth the time and additional costs to see the improvement in both my kids health. I recommend Liz as a very understanding and competent professional who has her clients best interests at heart.

Gillian, Mum to Erin (Eczema) and Jamie (Autism)

In the last four months Liz has been able to achieve with NAET what years of different holistic approaches could not. Liz has been able to target what’s causing my chronic fatigue and enable me to eat foods that I have had to forego over the years.


All I can say that you are one of the nicest, kindest people I know. You have a great understanding of human nature and the human body.   It was a pleasure having sessions with you, which I always looked forward to.  I can wholeheartidly recommend the treatments that you do to everybody.

Kindest Regards – Eva

Liz is an amazing caring therapist with years of practice behind her. She is intuitive and extremely knowledgable on a number of levels. I have had a number of colonic therapists over the years but no one beats Liz.

Indra Singh (Harrogate)

I was blessed to encounter Liz Cunningham at Otley Natural Health Clinic several years ago. A caring and supportive practitioner, Liz’s considerable knowledge and experience soon became very clear. Liz is a true professional but she has the ability to quickly put her client at ease, treatments taking place in a safe and warm environment.  Confidentiality is total.  I warmly recommend her to you.

Mrs Marshall