Natural Nutrition

Natural Nutrition isn’t just about what we put into our mouths in the form of food and drink. Living in today’s chemically cluttered world robs us of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Creating symptoms such as fatigue, skin complaints, digestive problems, allergies, aches and pains so we feel constantly at a low ebb. Natural nutrition is taking responsibility for the quality of the choices we make.

If you are feeling under par a consultation with a Natural Nutritionist can help put you on the right path towards health and vitality.

During the consultation, the client’s lifestyle and background will be taken in to consideration, as well as any similar tendencies and patterns of illness which may be found in family members. Inherited weaknesses or genetic dispositions are extremely commonplace and their disclosure can lead to a successful treatment. As well as dietary modification a range of complementary treatments may also be recommended.

If clients are having issues that could be caused by food allergies Liz is also a fully certified practitioner in the NAET method, please click here for more information on NAET.

Pricing: as every person is individual & has different goals, prices are different for each client, please ask Liz for more information.