Take your body weight. Say you are 60 kg convert this into pounds

This is 132 –

Divide 132 by 2


This is the minimum amount of water in fluid ounces you need each day

This equates to 3.6 pints or nearly 2 litres of water per day.

Now this is where it can get complicated.

As I mentioned this is the minimum amount of water your body requires.

If you have a very busy / stressful lifestyle, stress increases the amount of water you require as you are going to be sweating more.

If you go to the gym, for every 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, you require an extra 8oz glass of water.

If you have an alcoholic drink you require extra water.

If you have a drink with caffeine in it you require extra water as caffeine is a diuretic.

You get the picture I’m sure.

I may see a Colonic Hydrotherapy client whose diet is pretty good, drinks little alcohol and no caffeine drinks but if that person is not drinking any water their bowel may well be more dehydrated than the person whose diet isn’t great but drinks sufficient water to keep themselves hydrated. Dehydration ALWAYS shows up in the bowel and a dehydrated bowel is a dehydrated brain as your body is approximately 75% water and your brain is approximately 85 % water. Therefore, your body if dehydrated will take water from the brain. I’m sure you have all had the experience from time to time when you have a headache or just feel you cannot think. You’ve stopped for a glass of water and immediately felt relief.

A great read is’ Your body’s many cries for water’ by F. Batmanghelidj

Keeping hydrated is THE single most important thing you can do to take care of yourself.

It’s no good drinking 1 litre of water on Monday and think you can catch up by having 3 litre of water on Tuesday and then hardly any water on Wednesday and so on. You really do need to be consistent to allow your body to be able to turn off the dehydration signal. The reward will be a clearer brain, healthier skin, more energy, better sleep, more balanced blood sugar levels which means less snacking which ultimately equates to a slimmer healthier you. Or for those who struggle to put weight on a more balanced weight.