1) Follow the 5-2 diet plan. Basically you are giving your digestive system a rest for 2 days out of 7. Don’t go overboard and attempt to do a water fast, it isn’t sustainable. Either cut back and have much smaller portions of what you would normally have, chew every mouthful until its liquid in your mouth, this greatly Improves the digestion of nutrients, stimulates digestive enzymes and helps you feel full quicker.

2) If you’re not already drinking 2 litres of water (nothing added to it) then begin now. Water is really your perfect medicine.

Tip: Drink water warm as it is absorbed more quickly into the bowel. Drinking half an hour before you eat will allow the water to be absorbed prior to eating, if you drink whilst eating this will impact on the digestion of nutrients and can leave you feeling bloated, heavy and tired.

3) If you drink coffee, tea, chocolate, fizzy drinks or cordial cut these out. For the first 2-3 days you may feel tired, irritable or have a headache, have more water and this detox effect will soon pass. If you add milk and sugar to your drinks normally, this is an added bonus as you will be cutting down on these too.

4) Have an Epson salts bath at least once a week. A couple of good handfuls and soak for 20 minutes. The magnesium from the Epson salts are very relaxing and help open up the skin to allow for detoxification.

5) A big one for so many people now is alcohol. As a lead up to Christmas many of you are going to be invited to works parties etc., I’m not going to suggest you don’t drink but on the days that are party free, work on abstaining or drastically reducing. It will be so worth it by the time Christmas comes around as you will still feel good and still be able to fit into that dress or fasten the jacket button for you guys’ and not have to go into a flat spin in the New Year.

6) Plan ahead- look at what you have coming up – look at your plans for Christmas and decide now whether you want to feel good in the New Year