How to make Water Kefir

What you will need:

Water kefir grains
1 litre glass jar
1 litre of filtered or bottled water basically not tap water
2 tablespoons of sugar, I use coconut palm sugar (the amount of sugar is up to you
Depending on your taste)
You can put ½ lemon in but I use 2 tablespoons from the previous batch to help with
The acidity but you may prefer to use lemon
You can use a handful of unsulphured raisins or a couple of dates, look at the many different options depending on taste
If this is your first batch, rinse your grains with either bottled water or filtered water; keep away from chlorine as it will kill your grains.
Place the grains in your 1 litre glass jar.
Dissolve the sugar in the water and place in the jar along with the grains
Add your raisins or dates
Add the lemon or later you can just add the 2 tablespoons of liquid from the previous batch
Cover lightly. Don’t seal
Leave for between 12 – 48 hrs depending on the strength you want. I leave mine for 48 hrs
Strain off the water and decant into bottles
Rinse your grains and start again
The water will carry on fermenting if left in the warmth therefore it will produce a ‘fizz’ if the
Bottle is sealed. Personally I’m not bothered about the fizz so I just use a piece of kitchen towel to push into the top and leave it for another 12 – 24 hrs to carry on fermenting which produces a apple cider vinegar taste